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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daniel Guss of the Stand Foundation convicted of stealing a dog from Chester Willis, mugshot, jail, guilty

Daniel Guss of The Stand Foundation was charged with theft of Chester Willis' dog and found guilty. Judge ordered him to return the dog but he refused. The People of the State of California vs Daniel Guss. 04/26/2011 Grand theft. Reported 04/01/2011 Found guilty of theft. Refused to return stolen dogs. Case No. 1CA10998. The man was heartbroken about the loss of his dogs and died of a broken heart two weeks ago. He was a much loved member of society.

Daniel Guss has been kicked out of LA City Council chambers by security a few times because he made a scene. I saw him kicked out of a Public Safety meeting by security in 2001. He shoved a poster of a dead dog at then Council member Dennis Zine while yelling and screaming.

Daniel Guss protested with ADL Animal Defense League. I have the photos. Guss bragged that he vandalized LA Animal Services property for ALF. Daniel Guss was caught by the LAPD sending death threats to employees of LA Animal Services pre 2005. The LAPD believe he is the person who broke all the windows of the then GM Ed Boks' city vehicle in his home parking structure.

Daniel Guss (born April 2, 1966, brother Andrew Mason Guss born January 3, 1964, father Martin M Guss August 24, 1946 and mother Anita Martin February 4, 1934) attacked Ed Boks because he wanted to be the head of LA Animal Services press office. Boks didn't hire him because he was unqualified so Guss attacked him. Guss attacks people who reject him.

Daniel Guss, Stand Foundation, april 2, 1966, los angeles, california, convicted criminal, thief, chester willis, princess, dude, dogs,

Daniel Guss, Stand Foundation, april 2, 1966, los angeles, california, convicted criminal, thief, chester willis, princess, dude, dogs,
Daniel Guss, Stand Foundation, april 2, 1966, los angeles, california, convicted criminal, thief, chester willis, princess, dude, dogs,

Daniel Guss, Stand Foundation, april 2, 1966, los angeles, california, convicted criminal, thief, chester willis, princess, dude, dogs,
I found this online. I did information act requests to get the underlying documents. This is accurate based on the documents I received from the City.

Superior Court of California
County of Los Angeles
Case No. 1CA10998
crime committed:
April 1, 2011
case filed:
April 26, 2011
trial began:
July 1, 2011
jury guilty verdict entered:
July 8, 2011
sentence rendered:
July 25, 2011
The true story of a willful crime – premeditated - involving
and theft committed by an animal activist who claims to stand for the rights of animals, the homeless and the public interest, but doesn’t act like it.
From the report of Officer Thurston, LAPD 77th Division, 4/1/11:
"...I met with the Victim, Chester Willis.  Willis is homeless and has lived in his van for years.  Willis parks his van in front of 1818 W. 60th Street, which is in the middle of an industrial complext.  Having been living there for years, Willis has gained the friendship and respect from all of the encompassing business owners and employees for his willingness to rid the area of trash.  Willis' only true companions in life are his two dogs, Dude and Princess.  Willis rescued them both off the street, and has been caring for them for several years.
"As I began to ask Willis why he had called the police, he choked up with and with a tear in his eye stated, "He came back, he came back and took Princess.
"Willis began to explain to me that approximately one year earlier, a man named Dan (Suspect) started to stop by and talk with him.  Dan seemed genuinely interested in Willis' two dogs, and would even bring food and supplies for them.  At first Willis thought Dan was simply an animal lover like him, and was donating the supplies out of the goodness of his heart.  That thought quickly changed, Willis explained, when Dan began to pressure him to give up his beloved pets.  Dan repeatedly asked Willis to give him the two dogs, and Willis refused every time.  After being turned down multiple times, Dan began to lash out at Willis, accusing him of mistreating the animals.  Willis said that after this encounter, he started to get surprise visits from Animal Regulations (sic).  Willis said it was obvious to him that Dan had called Animal Regulations to report him, making up stories of neglect and abuse.  But time after time, the Animal Regulations Officer found that the two dogs were well cared for.

"Willis said that after several visits from Animal Regs, Dan began to stop by again.  Dan again insisted that Willis give him his dogs, that he would be able to provide a better life for them.  Willis again refused.  On one occasion, Dan even took several digital photographs of the two dogs.  When Willis asked why he was photographing his dogs, Dan stated that he just wanted some pictures of them for himself.  Willis found this to be highly irregular behavior, and started to wonder what Dan was up to.
"Willis stated that for the past few weeks, he would notice that Dan would slowly drive by and look to see if Willis was awake or not.  Willis said that Dan would always drive away once he knew that Willis was awake.  If Willis were to sit perfectly still in the driver's seat of his van, Dan would assume that Willis was asleep, and would sit there and visually inspect the dogs and their surroundings.  Willis found this odd as well, and wondered if Dan was planning on taking his dogs.  Willis added that his two dogs barked at nearly everyone, and would alert him that someone was approaching.  The dogs did not, however, bark at Dan.  The dogs were accustomed to Dan bringing them food, and they were always happy to see him.
"Willis told me that on Friday, March 25, 2011, someone stole his male dog "Dude."  Although he was asleep and did not see the suspect, he believed that Dan had taken his dog.  Willis filed a police report for the theft.
"Willis went on to tell me that earlier in the afternoon, he was sitting in the driver's seat of his van taking a nap.  Willis said that he was suddenly awakened by the sound of a car door.  When Willis opened his eyes, he observed a brownish/gold colored vehicle right in front of his van.  His van, as well as the suspect vehicle, were both facing e/b (eastbound) on 60th St.  Willis observed the rear passenger side door of the suspect vehicle was open and observed the Suspect (Dan) unhooking the leash from his dog's collar.  Willis said that he yelled at Dan, "Don't take her! Don't take her!"  Willis said that Dan loaded the dog into the backseat of the vehicle, and then gave him a cold blank stare.  Dan then climbed into the backseat of the vehicle, and the car drove away.  Willis said that a female was driving the vehicle, but was unable to give any further description.  Willis was able to write down the license plate of the suspect vehicle..."
Is this the work of an animal lover and humanitarian OR the acting-out of someone willing to defy the law and other people's rights whenever he doesn't get his way?
On July 8, 2011, a Superior Court jury was clear in its opinion:
On July 25, 2011, Judge Renee Korn held a sentencing hearing for Daniel Guss and the following facts emerged:
That Guss had been defiant and in full denial during his jury trial.

That whether or not he knew where Princess was, he had stated that he had no intention of returning the dog to his victim.

That Guss placed his personal judgment above that of trained professionals and the law.

That he only took responsibility for wrongdoing AFTER the jury rendered its guilty verdict, and now clings desperately to the dubious claim that he doesn’t know what happened to Princess after he stole her, raising the spectre of perjury. _______________________________________________
The sentence: 60 days in jail/3 years probation

From the sworn testimony of Sergeant Tamara Baumann, LAPD, July 25, 2011:
"...He (Guss) claims that Princess had severe injuries, which necessitated him stealing her; however, he did not take her to a veterinarian after he stole her.  I saw Princess the day before she was stolen.  She did not have any new injuries.
"Dan Guss also ignored the investigation by Animal Regulations (sic).  Reliably (sic) people checked on Mr. Willis and his dogs daily; however, Dan Guss never took the time to investigate this, only to make his own determinations.  Dan Guss is irresponsible and let his ego take the best of him, since he posted all of this on a public forum.  Dan Guss does not appear to know where Princess is, even after it was proven that Guss tole Princess he posted missing on all of his messages.  He did not post that he was convicted of theft and he was desperate to get Princess back.  He is in complete defiance of the law...
"I keep files and records on all the dogs that I deal with, so I find it hard to believe if you spend time to steal a dog, how you wouldn't have any clue where it went, I mean, that part I don't understand...
(Prosecutor's question): Based on the e-mails that you reviewed and the conversations you've had with various parties that were interested in this or involved in it, in your opinion, was this a premeditated crime?
"Yes...Prior to the dog being taken, the first gone.  We don't know.  But the second dog there was all these e-mails about the dog and video footage and photographs on days when I would be at work and I would get this information and go right out there and Animal Regs would go on the exact same day because because Animal Regs doesn't always respond, because I've dealt with them for 18 years as far as, they go to injured dogs first and they go to dog fights, police calls.  The last one would be a dog tied up with a homeless guy.  So that's how they prioritize their calls.  But because they were dealing with Dan at Animal Regulations so much they were real quick to respond...
"It was like a relentless -- he's going to get the dog somehow.  I even told Mr. Willis we need to move you because he is going to come here and steal your dog.  And then the first dog went missing.  Unfortunately when we got the video footage of the second theft, the first had been erased, because (they) only kept it for two weeks, so we don't have anything on the first dog..."
"It's common with any person that I've dealt with that gets convicted that they usually do change their attitude.  I'm not saying that it's fake...I'm just saying ...the attitude was completely different until he got convicted...
"Yes, sometimes it can be phony...I see that he's facing going to jail with gang members and other people that have done some bad things, so I don't know where this is coming from.  Half of it can be real, a hundred percent of it can be real, some of it can be scared.  I don't know...
"...He had every opportunity to not even go to court to get the dog back.  He had every opportunity.  He fought it, and fought it, and fought it.  It wasn't until he got convicted that everything changed..."

From the argument by prosecuting attorney Kassandra Perez, July 25, 2011:

"...The question, I believe, began with...returning the dog where he said no one has ever asked, which was not true, because the original offer was that the dog simply be returned.  And then when asking and pausing for a moment, will you return the dog, his answer was absolutely not.  Also insinuating that at that time perhaps he did know where the dog was...The people do not believe that he does not know where the dog is, or that he can simply track her down, just simply do not believe that...
"It is the people's belief that this was absolutely a premeditated crime...
"(The) People do believe that there is an agenda here that was elicited somewhat in testimony.  He mentioned also revealing some sort of conspiracy or some sort of harassment claim with the Department of Animal Services.  It came out in testimony that he has relationships with the Department that he either disagrees with a lot of things, this was in the People's view sort of a platform to him to take this to trial to ...have an open forum for everyone to hear.  As I said in closing argument, with this God Complex of the sort, that he knows what's best and no one else does.  (The) People don't believe that that God Complex can change can change in just a matter of weeks at all...
"Also, he testified in the case -- the way this case was presented to the jury began with this tortured dog that was being stabbed by completely attacking the character of Mr. Willis repeatedly...which was not substantiated in any level in facts and evidence...The jury found in their verdict him to be untruthful in his testimony...
"The People are not convinced that this will not happen again...that there may not be a risk or nuisance to the community in the future."

From the statement of Judge Renee Korn, July 25, 2011:
"...As a judge who primarily hears misdemeanor trials, this is one of the most severe crimes that I can imagine.  The grief that was shown by Mr. Willis on the stand was difficult for the jury to bear, difficult for all of us here in court to bear.  His true and complete very genuine love for the dog Princess was very clear cut to everyone here in this court...
"I was hoping Princess would be back with Mr. Willis...All my skepticism, all my concerns that the defendant is somehow outsmarting the criminal justice system, by having that dog back in the hands of Mr. Willis, those concerns...would have been allayed...
"It was not until the jury rendered its verdict, and even then, not until the court actually took him into custody for a brief amount of time, and even at some point during, that did he show that he was going to take responsibility for his actions."

"Complete defiance of the law"
"Premeditated crime"
"Fake attitude"
"Not true"
"We simply do not believe that he does not know"
"Concern that the defendant is somehow outsmarting the criminal justice system"
"God complex"

The real Daniel Guss on the record, in court,
found guilty, for all to see."

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game and the USDA. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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