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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WildHorse Ranch Rescue promotes cruelty, went bankrupt, owes a lot of money


WildHorse Ranch Rescue is a suspect organization. I believe Kimberly Meagher who runs the place lives off the donations. She pays herself $38,000 a year or $3,200/mo in rent. Zillow says it should rent for $900/month. She is ripping off her own rescue for $2,300 a month! The money intended for horses is going to Kim instead. She has no job and states she volunteers 80 hours a week for no money. How is she supporting herself and able to fly to Italy and all over the US to go to parties? I’m posting this information to warn the public about this suspect “charity.” 

There have been complaints from many, many government agencies against this charity. I would not donate to this charity. They were not giving the animals proper care, had too many animals, unpermitted construction, improper drainage, huge piles of manure on the property which county told her to remove…

Kimberly Meagher, Kim Meagher runs WildHorse Ranch Rescue. It seems Kim Meagher has violated county zoning and building and safety codes. The County believes her property is a nuisance. More here 
More stories about their problems. Seems Kimberly Meagher did not provide proper care for horses. And she is supposed to be a horse rescuer?! Here her vet says she’s trying to give the horse’s better proper care. Perhaps this is why she supports ***. Birds of a feather. Link below. From Arizona Department of Agriculture. 
Below is a summary of her bankruptcy documents. Her real name is Kimberly Dale Southam, Kimberly Dale Stabeck and Kimberly D Meagher. She went bankrupt in 1987. This is odd because she sold her grandmother’s house in 1985. She ran up a ton of credit card debt. Recently she again ran up a ton of credit card debt.The banks got judgments, levies and wage garnishments on her.  I didn’t include the full social security number. This was in 1987 when she lived in an apartment in Gilbert, Arizona.

Kimberly Dale Meagher aka Kimberly Dale Southam went bankrupt
Kimberly Meagher, WildHorse Ranch Rescue, judgment
Kimberly Meagher, WildHorse Ranch Rescue,  lien
Kimberly Meagher, WildHorse Ranch Rescue, lien
Here’s another current lien.

Debtor Address: PO BOX 415
GILBERT  AZ  85299-0415

Debtor Address: PO BOX 415
GILBERT  AZ  85299-0415

Filing Date:07-17-2006

Court County:MARICOPA
Court State:AZ
Case Number:20060951112
Here’s another article about their many problems.

And yet another article about their many problems. They’ve had financial, legal, animal problems for the last ten years. You would think you could fix the problems in ten years. Why does she always have violations? I don’t understand why you’d have a horse rescue if you can’t or won’t give them proper care. Even while she has money and legal problems she goes out and gets some burros. She obviously just did it for the press and donations
Kimberly Meagher owns the property at 11811 S Lindsay Rd, Gilbert, Arizona yet she uses donations to WildHorse Ranch Rescue to maintain and upgrade her personal property. This is not legal. She lives on the property. She also claims the proceeds from her art gallery go to her rescue. I believe this is tax fraud. She doesn’t have to pay taxes on the sales saying it went to the charity.

Kim admits she is not in compliance with the law. She admits there is a ton of manure on the property that she can’t get someone to take away. Just like ***who had an eight foot tall pile of guano under one of her bat boxes. My place has passed all inspections. ***, Kimberly Meagher are not in compliance with the law. They don’t have proper permits or facilities. They both have too many animals.

“The manure removal group just informed us that they will not take the load we had ready for them. That leaves us with a pile to *pay* to remove! We cannot get our New Barn permit without the parking lot being cleared.”

Here is information about her zoning and planning violations from the person in charge of the case. “Violation 201000887 was closed.  The property was denied an agricultural exemption (LU20110058) because ARS-11-812.A.2 requires a min. 5 contiguous commercial acres and the site is on 1.25 acres.  A number of unpermitted structures benefitted from regulatory reform over the past three years that negated need for construction permits for many structures and liberalized building setbacks and separation distance. Also, due to regulatory reform, parcels as small as one acre can be considered a farm which is a permitted use in the Rural-43 zoning district. The rescue operation is considered a farm.  Temporary/special events such as fundraiser concerts will only permitted with an approved Temporary Use Permit.  Since the site is not agriculturally exempt from the county’s zoning, drainage and construction safety codes – new construction may require an issued construction permit.  There is an active permit B201302673 to erect a pre-engineered horse barn without electrical or plumbing that is not for commercial use. This permit was issued on 5/23/13.   They need to call in for the 970 Final Drainage and 900 Final construction safety inspections in order to complete the permit.  There does remain an unpermitted 15’ x 24’ canopy and the property owner was notified of this issue. There is not an open zoning violation at this time.”

She had an inspection scheduled then cancelled it. Probably because she has so much manure in the parking lot.

Next I will post all the complaints made about the property from members of the public and other government agencies. Most of them are summarized in the newspaper articles. You would think if you are going to rescue animals you would make sure you were on a property where it’s legal. I have done that. 

It seems Kimberly Meagher intentionally gets herself in jams then contacts the media and begs for help. It really looks like Kim is living off the horse rescue. She basically travels all over the US going to music shows and visiting friends. She is using her art gallery and horse rescue as a place to throw parties with alcohol and sell tickets. She states her gallery and rescue are non-profit yet that’s the only business she is doing. .

Kimberly Dale Southam aka Kimberly Meagher lived with her grandmother Wilma Marie Sheler in Michigan. Wilma put the house in her name and Kimberly’s. Then Kimberly sold it in 1985. Wilma died in 2001. Kimberly has two adult kids Nick Stabek born October 2, 1986 and McKay Stabek born 1983. 

This nonprofit looks like a scam. They say they need $6,000 a month for animals get only take in $36,000 a year as per their Guidestar page. I just looked at their tax returns. Kim Meagher here also runs a store selling art called She states all proceeds go to the nonprofit yet she calls it her art gallery. How then is she making money to support herself? Looks like another ***living off the nonprofit while claiming they don’t get a penny from the nonprofit. This looks like personal tax evasion to me. Their 2012 tax returns said they house 14 horses, 32 cats and 28 dogs. I don’t know how they can fit all of those animals on their property. She states she volunteers 80 hours a month with no pay. I don’t believe that. Danyelle Schott is the VP, Kim is the President, Richard Reinhardt is the treasurer. Sure hope it’s not the Richard Reinhardt that I know. They spend $38,000 a year on rent? So the rescue group is giving Kim $38,000 a year to rent her place when it’s only worth $75,000 total. She is over charging. She is living off the rescue. She pays $6,000 on printing? This looks very suspicious to me. They also did not attach their attachment “O.” They also pay to feed three feral cat colonies. Other board members are Skip DeNardo, Danyelle Schott, McKay Stabek, Jayne St Germain, Celeste Johnson. Seems most of these people quit. They claim to have made $63,000 in 2007, $86,000 in 2008, $90,000 in 2009, $104,000 in 2010 and $125,000 in 2011. They also have no reviews on Guidestar.

Kim Meagher seems to lie about her birthday. It’s either December 1, 1962 or January 20, 1962.

Kimberly Meagher sues and loses. Case dismissed with prejudice. She can’t refile. It looks like she got in a fight with her board members? Here is the lawsuit. Make your own decision.

Looks like Kimberly D Meagher ran up credit card debt then didn’t pay. These are her personal debts in her personal name. They are not in the name of WildHorse Ranch Rescue. The companies got judgments against her then they garnished her wages. Below are three such cases. They are recent. Someone should not go posting defamation about me online if they have this kind of public history. No one should donate to this organization. It looks like Kimberly Meagher has been living off of it, using it as her personal piggy bank.

Here’s satellite view of the ranch. I see piles of dirt, run down cars, an RV, structures with tarps over them, a few horses, little sheds. 
WildHorse Ranch Rescue scam, fraud, tax evasion
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