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Saturday, October 25, 2014

UPDATE: Dog "Harley" dumped at shelter to be reunited with unfit lying owners.

UPDATE: Dog "Harley" dumped at shelter to be reunited with unfit lying owners.
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UPDATE 03/18/2014: Some Blogger is now attacking me saying I posted private, confidential information about Chris Gonzales. I did not. Chris posted this information about himself in many places on the Internet. Here is but one screen shot. He posted the name of himself, his wife, wedding year, daughter, her husband, grandson. 99% of the data in this blog came directly from Chris.

Chris Gonzales, Christine Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, dog, Harley, Otto posted his own family information on public websites. He is not a Doctor.
UPDATE 03/17/2014: Good news! Toby of Leave No Paws Behind rescue has just agreed an hour ago not to give the dog back to the owners. Toby stated that she doesn't feel the traveling lifestyle would be good for Otto because of his age and health.

"All of that being said, and with Otto's best interest at heart, he will be remaining right here in our care and his humans agree."

In the meantime Christopher Gonzales took down his website and his church's Facebook group. I'm sure it's because that is where I found all the photos, videos and evidence which proves they are not sick, disabled, poor seniors who couldn't afford vet care. Toby is the one who released their names and profession to the public. She should not be mad at us for doing research and posting facts.

I just saw the original KTLA video with the phone conversation with Chris Gonzales. He lied about needing tires to try to garner sympathy and donations. Whenever he has car problems he posts on his page that he is praying for an "answer from God." Then one of his followers will PayPal him money then he thanks God for answering his prayer.


Original article,

Earlier I posted about the dog that was left outside the Baldwin Park, California animal shelter with a sad note. The note said the dog was 13 years old, vomiting and had bloody diarrhea. The owners said they were elderly, sick and couldn't afford to take the dog to the vet or have him euthanized. They allowed him to have mange for three years and be almost bald. They asked the shelter to euthanize him. Instead the shelter called "Leave No Paws Behind" animal rescue. They took the dog to the vet and treated it. Then they decided to try to find the owner. I wrote the blog entry to help. Friends of the owners saw the dog in media articles and came forward.

Here is an article that brings you up to date. When the owners saw that people wanted to give them money they gladly came forward to claim it giving news reporters their PayPal email. The rescue group said they will give them back their dog when it's healthy. They will pay for the dogs veterinary care.

When I first read the note and saw the photo of the dog on Facebook I felt sorry for the dog and owners. The owners said they were both seniors, sick and poor. They said the dog was sick. Turns out that is not the case. We have ourselves some liars and con artists. Please, donate to Leave No Paws Behind because they do wonderful work but don't give anything to the owners of the dog. Do not PayPal them a penny. This is what I've found about them so far.

They are not senior citizens. They are not disabled. They are merely obese. They are not poor. They are traveling ministers who give little talks then beg for money. They are not a legal church, corporation or non-profit. They make $60,000/year which they admitted to Manta. Manta gets the data from the owner of the business. The dog only had mites. He didn't have bloody diarrhea or vomiting. They left his mites untreated for three years. It's also a crime to dump an animal. They left it outside where anyone could have taken it and used it as dog fighting bait. California Codes. Penal Code. Part 1. Of Crimes and Punishments. Title 14. Malicious Mischief. § 597s. Abandonment of animals (a) Every person who willfully abandons any animal is guilty of a misdemeanor. Anyone who abandons an animal is subject to a $500 fine and/or up to six months in jail. Animal neglect is also a crime. Not providing veterinary care is animal neglect which is covered under 597.

Christine Klaas Gonzales, Christopher R Gonzales, Preachers, con artists, scammers, liars, In Accord Ministries
Christopher R Gonzales, born about 1952 (Toby posted his age), has lived in San Pedro, CA, Canoga Park, CA, Goodyear, AZ, Santa Fe Springs, CA. Married Christine Klaas October 12, 1974 in Fresno (Chris posted the year he was married), CA. Christine born about 1955 (Toby posted her age).  They have a daughter named Kirstie Elizabeth Gonzales (Chris posted this) who married ***** (and this name). She was born *** *, 1977 in Los Angeles, CA. She is an insurance agent in Victoria, Texas, previously lived in Albuquerque, NM as per her public pages. Here is her Facebook page
Her MySpace page

(FTR Christopher Gonzales is the one who posted his daughter and grandson's full name. It's in his bio that he hands out every time he goes somewhere to preach and beg for money. The rescue is the one who gave the public the full names and profession of Christopher Gonzales and his wife Christine Gonzales. I'm not posting private or confidential information.)

Sweetwind Ministries is not a legal non-profit or corporation in CA or AZ.
In Accord Ministries is not a legal non-profit or corporation in CA or AZ.

Christopher Gonzales supposedly told Toby that his church is covered under another legal church organization. He would not tell anyone the name of that organization. I personally don't believe him because he lies so much.

Chris Gonzales is not a PhD. He cannot call himself a doctor. He cannot use "Dr." in his name because it's a supposedly honorary degree, i.e. he didn't do anything to get it. In fact this honorary degree may not even exist. Even though he's not a PhD, he calls himself "Dr. Chris Gonzales." Even in his Twitter account he calls himself a Dr. He mainly talks about watching TV, food and driving.

Chris Gonzales, not a Doctor, public Twitter profile, In Accord Ministries
Video of Chris Gonzales. He's one of those faith healers that puts his hands on people and then everyone shakes like someone having a seizure. He likes to spit out mumbo jumbo made up words while doing so. He preys and prays on poor people who are sick who want him to bless and heal them. He obviously doesn't have the power to heal anyone. He invites people to meetings at Sizzler or the Old Country Buffet restaurants. People pay for their food, listen to him talk then he asks for money. He calls it a "love offering." He doesn't have a job though I would bet he's on welfare and gets food stamps. Toby now says the wife is on disability.

Chris made his videos below private. That's okay. I saved them. This clip directly below is made up of a few tiny clips of one short video. It is used for non-profit comment and education under the fair use of copyright act. Here Chris talks in tongues. Yes, he's saying jibberish. These people ask him to lay his hands on them and pray for health and wealth for them. If he had the power to pray for health or wealth....?

Chris has removed his videos, pages and podcasts. I saved copies.

Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, Sweetwind Ministries, dog, Harley

Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, Sweetwind Ministries, dog, Harley, Christine Klaas Gonzales

Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, Sweetwind Ministries, dog, Harley, Christine Klaas Gonzales

Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, Sweetwind Ministries, dog, Harley, Christine Klaas Gonzales. They can afford designer glasses, jewelry, Hawaiian clothing, manicures but can't take their dog to the vet. 
Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, Sweetwind Ministries, dog, Harley, Christine Klaas Gonzales. He calls himself a doctor when he is not a doctor. It's a sin to lie. He wrote that about himself. 
Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, Sweetwind Ministries, dog, Harley, Christine Klaas Gonzales. He can afford an XXXXL leather jacket, designer glasses but wouldn't take his dog to the vet.
Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, Sweetwind Ministries, dog, Harley, Christine Klaas Gonzales. He lies and calls himself a doctor. Lying is a sin.
I generally don't care about anyone's weight except my own. In this instance I will say something. Christopher Gonzales is morbidly obese. If he has any health problems, they are most likely caused by being so obese. Chris Gonzales likes to thump the bible and quote scripture. While I'm Catholic and don't currently go to church I did go to Catholic school for many years. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. It is to consume to the point of waste. Lust is also a sin. Chris lusts for food and money based on his Facebook page. Chris Gonzales lied which is yet another sin. He is not a doctor yet tells people he is. He also lied in the note he left with his dog. The bible tells us that God created animals. The bible also tells us that we must treat His animals well. If we neglect animals, we are neglecting God. As a supposedly religious man how can he commit so much sin? I believe it's because he's a fraud, a charlatan.

I emailed this blog entry to Chris Gonzales at all his email addresses asking for comment. No reply. The emails did go through. I did not call him or threaten him or his family ever. I have no intention of doing so.

I see no photos of Chris or Christine with this dog online. If he was with then for 13 years going everywhere with them, why are there no photos? There are a ton of photos of Chris. If he loved this dog, there would be photos of him with the dog all over. I noticed that Christine doesn't have a Facebook page, does not talk in any of the videos. I have a feeling this may have been her dog. Chris might have gotten sick of it and told her to dump it. She sounded sorry in the interview. Again, why no photos of Christine with the dog? I think Chris probably did not like the dog, might have been jealous.

After I posted the truth about Chris Gonzales I have been personally attacked in retaliation. Every word here is 100% the truth backed by facts and evidence. Most of it came from Chris Gonzales' website or Facebook pages.

Audio of a sermon of Chris Gonzales

Their website which they just deleted

One of his Facebook pages

Their Facebook page for his church which he just deleted

Toby removed most of the posts about Harley/Otto from her page.

Address, phone
P.O. BOX 2505
(310) 364-4320
(310) 351-0654

Proof that Chris wrote the note. Below is a still from Chris Gonzales praying for someone and speaking in tongues. You see a small blue spiral notebook next to his bible.
Chris Gonzales, dog, Harley, in accord ministries, preacher, fraud

This is the note left with the dog. It's from the same spiral notebook.
Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, preacher, dog, Harley, Otto

You can see that the blue book is a small spiral notebook with 70 pages
Christopher Gonzales, In Accord Ministries, fraud, con, scam, Harley, Otto, dog
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  1. Just for the fun of it, it would be interesting for you to get the spiral notebook that you show, and pull out a sheet and show it to us. The picture of the note that was left with the dog does not have the three holes that are in the spiral notebook and i does not look like it is College Ruled. It might be fun to actually compare the two. Also, the notebook you show has 33 holes for the spiral area, the note only has only 15 holes.

    1. The couple admitted they wrote the note and dumped the dog.They tried to get the dog back when they realized they could use it to raise money for themselves.

    2. My point and interest was whether the note, the picture of him with A notebook, and the picture of notebooks together prove he wrote the note or not- I think not. I agree with your point that his actions were deplorable, that he is a con, that all other "gibberish" speakers like him should be exposed for what they are-SH*T. I would be very interested in seeing the vids that he made private...

    3. He admitted he wrote the note on video. I have copies of the other videos. I'd have to dig them up and post them again. The one that I did reload shows him taking money to pray for people to get money. He talks in tongues. He takes money from poor people to pray for them to get money. If he could pray to get money, he'd do it for himself and not have to shill his shit.