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Friday, January 23, 2015

Photoshopped image of hanging dog statue is fake - Animal Advocates, Mary Cummins, galguero

Real spain statue greyhound dog hunter madrid verses photoshopped dog hanging from tree

Since 2009 this image has been used in petitions, hate pages all over the Internet in every language to attack racers, hunters, dog fighters, dog eaters, dog abusers.... I received it saying it was a statue honoring dog hunting in Spain. Then they asked people to sign a stupid petition to "outlaw dog hunting in spain." I'm Spanish. We don't hunt dogs. I think petition sites do this to stir people up so they'll sign their worthless petitions so they can get and sell your email address. It is clearly fake and photoshopped. I post the real image below it.

Photoshop, fake, image, statue, dog, hang, greyhound, tree, spain
Real statue spain dog hunter. "Homenaje al galguero" May 11, 2007, Photo taken in 28979 Serranillos del Valle, Madrid, Spain
Page with link to Google maps of image.

Here is the story in Spanish. A person saw the statue honoring those who hunt with dogs. They were upset and made a shitty photoshop to show what they felt that people who hunt with dogs actually do.

and another

Galgueros are people who own greyhounds. Originally they were used to hunt food. Later they were used to hunt hares as a competition. Even later they were used to race which is why they have a fake hare as a lure in front of the dogs to get them to go around the track. That said some people who used dogs to hunt did hang their dogs when they were no longer useful. This is not something all dog racers or people who hunt with dogs do. They said hanging was less painful to the dog than shooting them. I'm obviously against anyone using animals and discarding them in this manner. I feel cats, dogs are pets which should be cherished. Wild animals should live in the wild.

Homenaje al Galguero, monumento, 2007, statue, man with greyhounds, madrid, espana, spain

Homenaje al Galguero, monumento, 2007, statue, man with greyhounds, madrid, espana, spain

More about the statue and artist.

NOMBRE(name of statue): Homenaje al Galguero, hoage to men who hunt with greyhounds

BIOGRAFÍA(biography): Fueron los galgos de un vecino del pueblo los que posaron como modelos, are the greyhounds of a neighboring town who became like models.

AUTOR (artist): Ana Olano Sanz, 2007. Nacio , Born en,  in Las Palmas, Madrid, 1969

UBICACIÓN: C/ Castilla y León

More about the artist, sculptor: born in Las Palmas in 1969. SHE graduated in Fine Arts from the UCM in the año1995, finishing her PhD in 1997. Since its first courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts develops an intense training activity taking classes drawing and painting at Studio Arjona and Fondazione Antonio Ratti in (Como, Italy). Case also involved in workshops and seminars at the School of Ceramics in the Moncloa in La Bisbal and Sargadelos. In 1996 collaborates in teaching tasks in the Federal UFMG_Universidad of Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL). From 1997 until the present he teaches sculpture and ceramics at the Cultural Center of Villanueva de la Cañada and the Cultural C. MIRA Pozuelo de Alarcón, sharing this teaching with developed as Associate Professor of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM since 2007. During the 2010-11 course teaches degree in Design and Game Development in ESNE (School of Design at the University Camilo José Cela). In 2010 he moved for a few months Pietrasanta (Italy) to do some work in Carrara marble and collect documentation for his doctoral thesis. He is currently professor of sculpture at the Academy DEARTE Aravaca and the Cultural C. of Carr, and is linked to the UCM as Associate Professor Dpt. Of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Besides teaching at various public and private institutions included the intense artistic activity developed since 1992, receiving numerous awards for which it is recorded in its extensive public works and their participation in symposia, seminars Art, Tables round, and individual and collective Galleries and Exhibitions of Contemporary Art exhibitions."

Please, do some research before you forward things like this. With image recognition software I found the real image and story within 30 seconds. One person even said this was a statute or honor a Korean man who hunts dogs for food. This is insulting to so many people in so many ways. Snopes.

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