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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Help stop inhumane carousel pony rides in Santa Monica - Sign and Share!

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Tawni's Ponies and Petting Zoo operates a carousel pony ride in Santa Monica's Farmers Market. Six ponies are tied to a metal carousel nose to butt. The ponies are forced to walk round and round on cement for hours a day. Most animal rights groups believe this is inhumane. Quite a few cities and states have banned carousel pony rides such as Pamploma, Spain; Miami Shores, Florida; Hollywood, Florida... The World Equine Organization has called for a complete ban of carousel pony rides. Here is what the main groups have to say about pony rides. Please, sign the petition below to end this practice.

From the ASPCA: "The ASPCA is opposed to the cruelty that is inherent in using either wild animals or livestock in unaccredited zoos, roadside menageries, petting zoos, game farms and the like, and in attractions such as elephant rides, camel rides, and llama and pony rides that either stand alone or are attached to such venues."

From HSUS: "The Humane Society considers the sale, the handling of the ponies during the sale, the pony rides and the transport to the sold ponies' new homes stressful and cruel to the animals."

From PETA: "Pony Rides: Tethered tightly to turnstiles and forced to plod in endless circles, ponies can suffer from hoof ailments and are often left sore and chafed from ill-fitting equipment. Equines are specifically excluded from protection under the federal Animal Welfare Act, and if local or state athorities fail to intervene, the outcome can be deadly."

From PETA about petting zoos: "The animals used in petting zoos are hauled around in tractor-trailers, confined to small pens and cages, and forced to interact with large crowds of people. The animals are rarely allowed to rest when on display, and they often develop health problems from this forced interaction."

From Green Mountain Animal Defenders: "Green Mountain Animal Defenders opposes the use of animals in any form of sport in which animals have no choice but to participate. Ponies used in pony rides are tethered to a carousel or cart and forced to carry passengers for hours. This leads to hoof problems and other ailments. The ponies are generally sent for slaughter or otherwise discarded when no longer profitable."

From Pamploma, Spain: Spanish municipality of Pamploma approved a motion with the unanimous support of almost all councilors to prohibit the use of pony drawn carousels in 2014. President of AnimaNaturalis Aida Gascon, an animal rights organization in Spain, said “We welcome this news, because it shows that if society is informed and unites we can get a ban on activities involving animal abuse. Carousels with ponies are an outdated attraction that cause stress and suffering to the animals due to the noise and bustle of the fairs. In addition, they undergo mental and physical exhaustion caused by endless circling, and are also exposed to environmental conditions that can be extremely harsh.”

Please, sign and share this petition for the ponies.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game and the USDA. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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