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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Baby allegedly attacked by raccoon may have been bitten by rats - Animal Advocates

journi black, ashley rodgers, samuel black, 2141 n 22nd st, philadelphia pa pennsylvania rat rats, bite bitten raccoon gofundme child protective services, cps,child neglect

Allegedly around 11:00 p.m. mother Ashley Rodgers at 2141 North 22nd, Philadelphia, PA left her 4-month-old baby Journi Black alone in a one room apartment for one minute while taking another child to the bathroom a foot away. The baby's father Samuel Black was not present. During that one minute allegedly a raccoon entered the home, bit the baby then left the home. Mother found the baby on the floor. Baby was rushed to Temple and  then to St. Christopher for surgery. Now mother is raising money on gofundme and she wants to sue building owner. This is very suspicious.

We've rehabbed raccoons and rats for many years. These appear to be bite marks from a rat. They are not bite or claw marks from a raccoon. Raccoon bite marks leave a dental impression. A raccoon could have bitten the nose, ears, lips off. Claw marks would be five long deep marks. This was clearly a rat or rats.

I personally believe the mother had been out with some friends. She came home at 11:00 p.m. maybe even later and found her baby with rat bites on her face. Maybe the baby wasn't even bitten at the building but another building. Then she made up the story about a raccoon. It's a one room apartment she rented for $375/mo. True, there shouldn't be rats in the room but she had to have left the baby alone which is against the law. That baby would have been screaming. It would take a rat a while to bite, eat that much of the baby's face.

This research article is about rat bites on humans. It generally happens with babies, disabled or elderly left alone and unsupervised. Rats leave "multiple 3-4 mm long sharply demarcated, slightly curved incisions on face, ears."

Below is a pic of a baby bitten by rats. This baby was left alone. Same short incisions.

journi black, ashley rodgers, samuel black, 2141 n 22nd st, philadelphia pa pennsylvania rat rats, bite bitten raccoon gofundme child protective services, cps,child neglect

Below is a pic of a woman bitten by a raccoon. You see the dental impression.
woman bitten in leg by raccoon dental impression powerful bite
Below is a pic of baby bitten in the face by a raccoon. This is a year or two afterwards. Raccoon ripped off nose, ear and cheek.

baby bitten face by raccoon animal advocates mary cummins

This is the police department for the address. I think instead of giving this woman money Child Protective Services should be called.

22nd District
 Email PSA LT Staycee Harris
17th St and Montgomery Ave.
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