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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Horrible click bait writer returns dog to breeder because she didn't train it - Lisa Rabasca Roepe, Wayne Roepe, Yahoo Parenting

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When I read the title I instantly saw it was a click bait writer. A click bait writer writes a title with the sole intention to get the most eyes on the article for ad revenue. It can be something amazing or something totally wretched like her title "Why we returned our adorable puppy to the breeder." Generally if you read the article that's not what really happens. In this case unfortunately it was what actually happened and then some.

Lisa Roepe bought a puppy at a breeder. She brought it home and instantly the puppy had separation anxiety as all puppies do. The puppy would incessantly bark for attention, food and to be let out of its crate. The puppy also had accidents. This is normal puppy behavior.

Any sane person knows that you must train all puppies. Puppies don't shoot out of their mother knowing exactly when and where you want them to poop or that you hate barking. Barking is a dog communicating with you. The dog is telling you it needs something. If you don't understand what your dog needs, you should contact a trainer.

I have crate trained, house trained ... many dogs. It's a very simple procedure. With puppies they will have to go potty more often than adults. You take them out every hour in the beginning. If you crate train, you put them in there after they've pee'd, pooped right before you or the puppy go to bed. Instantly in the morning you take the puppy out to pee, poo. Soon they learn they should pee outside and you will take them outside every couple of hours.

After reading the article I thought maybe this writer is taking the click bait one step farther. Some people such as Dear Abby will intentionally write a horrible article so many people will share and comment on it so they can get more traffic for ad revenue. I thought Lisa will write another article next week saying that's not what she meant, she's sorry, she learned her lesson. That is not what is happening in this case. Lisa is actually a horrible and clueless person.

Based on this photo I found in Lisa's facebook page she allowed, forced her puppy to pee many times in its crate and never cleaned it up. The purpose of a crate is to help potty train and to give them a safe place to sleep. I only see soiled newspaper in the crate. The crate should only have enough room for a bed so they will not pee or poo in there. They don't want to poop where they sleep. No wonder the puppy didn't want to go in there. Plain newspaper training is a different process.

UPDATE: She just removed the pic of her kid with the puppy and posted a pic of her dead dog.

Normally I don't post photos with children in it. I did this time because the writer herself posted a photo of her kid with the puppy. I believe she posted this pic to make the article even sadder. She didn't just disappoint the dog but also her daughter. She set the worst example for her kid. She also set her kid up to be ridiculed at school because of her mother's crappy behavior.

Lisa has shut down her Twitter feed, locked up some of her profiles within the last six hours. I bet she is already getting lots of hate mail. She has ruined her reputation and the reputation of her business and employers with her article. I saved copies of all the pages. This woman is really as bad as the title of her article. She should never have pets again.

Lisa Rabasca Roepe a writer for Yahoo Parenting, She Knows, AV Club and her business consulting company Arlington Strategy in Arlington, Virginia. She states in her LinkedIn profile "I am a full-time freelance writer with a broad background in writing, editing and copyediting on a wide variety of topics and in multiple formats, including print, digital, video scripts, ebooks and social media. I have written for Hearst Digital (Women’s Day, Redbook and Good Housekeeping), The Mid, Mommyish, Paste, The Washington Post, Men's Journal and Yahoo Parenting. I am equally adept at pitching ideas and taking assignments.

I provide branded content to Avalara, as well as the clients of Foxtail Marketing and Arlington Strategy. I am a part-time senior communications strategist at Arlington Strategy. I have extensive experience in strategic communications and outreach, stakeholder engagement, brand identity, message development and client collaboration. I have developed and executed outreach and communications programs for the government as well as the public and private sector, leading campaigns that integrate print, digital content, webinars, videos and social media."

People should only hire this woman if they want to destroy their image, reputation and business. She clearly has a major lack of judgment.

Here is her public contact information if you'd like to contact her., 703-304-0465, 3801 27th Street N. Arlington, VA 22207 Her husband works/worked for the EPA.

Here is some more nasty click bait articles she wrote. This one is "I was embarrassed of my child." Her kid should be embarrassed by her mother's horrible behavior. This is a nasty thing to publicly state about your 13 year old kid. This woman is just plain mean. Other titles are "I refuse to help my kid with her homework," "I let my kid eat junk food." I hope the kid grows up to be a writer and writes articles such as "I had the worst mother in the world," "What it was like to be raised by a cruel bitch."

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