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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Breed specific legislation (BSL) and pitbulls. Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California

Pitbull, breed specific legislation, bsl, mary cummins, animal advocates, los angeles, california
Preface: I'm not against pitbulls. I don't want them all killed. I'm not calling for making ownership of pits illegal. I fostered a pit. I am just asking people to look at the data, research, facts and make an informed decision about which breed of dog is best for you, your family and the public.

Many organizations are against breed specific legislation or BSL. HSUS is against BSL. Below is an article they wrote.

Then there are those who are for BSL and outlawing any dangerous dog regardless of breed.

HSUS states we have no statistics which show that one breed is more dangerous, more likely to bite or injure than another. That is not true. Independent insurance companies, the US post office, trauma surgeons, animal experts...have indeed done research backed with data, see above link. This research shows that pitbulls are the most likely breed to cause severe mauling and/or death. While chihuahuas are more likely to bite, pits are more likely to kill you if they bite. They also don't show any pre-bite warnings. They seem to bite, attack out of the blue. When they bite, they don't stop. They try to go for the jugular, head and face which is a clear attempt at trying to kill the victim.

HSUS states that dogs just need proper training, neutering, order to not bite. I have seen quite a few pitbull attacks. They seem to come out of the blue from healthy, happy, well cared for homes. They attack for no reason. I fostered a pit, took the pitbull classes in LA and trained my dog. I wanted to take all precautions so he would never harm any animal or human. He never did during his entire life as far as I know. I've also seen quite a few videos of attacks. Again, some attack for no reason and refuse to let go of the victim. I've seen the injuries to humans and other dogs.

Note that I said "some." I didn't say all. I don't think that every pitbull will kill someone. That is ridiculous. I just believe based on data that if one is attacked by a pitbull, they are more likely to suffer catastrophic injury and/or death than if they were attacked by another non-molosser breed. This is similar to motorcycle verses car accidents. Motorcyclists are less likely to be involved in an accident but they are more likely to be injured in an accident for obvious reasons.

I am not calling for people to ban, kill pitbulls. I just want people to look at the data and reality of the situation. Make an informed decision about bringing one into your home or out on the street. Making up the false pro-pit propaganda makes matters worse. Pits were never nanny dogs. That is a myth. They were intentionally selectively bred for fighting from mastiffs, bulldogs and terriers. See link directly above for their history. They used to fight bears and bulls. When that was outlawed they trained the dogs to fight each other. They intentionally breed the strongest, fiercest dog that won't ever stop fighting, won't let go, can take a massive beating but still fight, won't warn that they will fight, will still fight if they see submissive posture from another dog or person....

Stop telling people pits are great with kids. Many people believed this and intentionally adopted a pit only to have it maul and kill their child. Read the articles in Voices of the Victims website linked below. These people were suckered in by the nanny dog myth. They paid for that with the life of their children and family. They clearly state this in the articles written in the first person by the victims' family members.

We already have breed specific legislation. It's illegal to own a wolf, coyote, fox, raccoon dog, jackal, dhole, painted dog... without proper permits and in proper secured enclosures where they cannot pose a danger to the public. They are illegal because governments have deemed them to be dangerous to humans. The government already stated some canines pose a threat to humans. Some are just plain illegal in some cities and/or states period. All dogs are in the canine family. We humans have specifically bred "domestic" dogs from wolves.

If we already have BSL, why are dog owners saying that BSL is wrong? It's very hypocritical to be for and against BSL at the same time. If one can't own a wolf, why another breed with a similar history of fatal maulings? Currently in the US you are more likely to be killed by a pitbull than a wolf, coyote, fox... Wolves, coyotes, foxes, raccoon dogs were bred through natural selection to survive. That means through natural selection the wolves, coyotes, foxes who could find food, mate, stay away from predators...would breed and pass on those genes. They were not selectively bred to fight to the death and never stop fighting. That would make no sense in the wild. We humans selectively bred pitbulls to do very unnatural things such as fight to the death for no reason and never stop. We did this so we could gamble and make money on the fight outcome.

Another thing about the anti-BSL movement is that it is breed discrimination. If you are against banning pits, you are against people adopting other breeds of dogs. For each pit that gets adopted, another breed of dog dies in the shelter. That's okay? Again, I am not for making ownership of pitbulls illegal. I'm against any and all dogs, canines that pose a threat to humans. If I had a poodle that bit people, I'd muzzle it in public, get it everything to prevent it from harming someone. When I fostered my pit I had him on a prong and slip collar with a strong leash. I never let him off leash ever except in the house with my cats locked in another room. I never let him get near kids or dogs without me right there holding him tight on his leash.

A last note, why adopt, buy a pitbull over all the other many breeds of dogs? I realize people do this so they can feel like a hero adopting the ugly, unwanted, "misunderstood" pitbull. Others do it to look macho and manly or to fight. I can't find one reason why someone would adopt this dog breed over all others. Why not a labrador, golden retriever, dalmation, german shepherd if you want a larger breed of dog? They are all loyal, sweet, playful... This is the point of my article. Why adopt, buy a pit over all other breeds of dog? I just want people to think about that. Look at the research and facts. Make an informed decision. Don't get a pit because someone said it'd be great with your baby. Get a dog based on your lifestyle, family, needs and wants. Don't adopt a pit just to feel like a savior. You're a savior if you adopt any dog or cat. It goes without saying don't get one to look macho or to fight.

Here is a website from the victims of pitbull attacks below. They forewarn you about gory content such as eyes, ears, hands ripped off, complete scalping, bites down to the bone, severed fingers, noses, lips, jaws.... so don't worry.

In closing here I am with my foster pit Buddy. He was a great dog who never harmed anyone. Would I foster another pit? No, I would foster another breed from a shelter. It's just not worth the risk and worry. There is no reason why the pit breed is better than all the other breeds. I can also tell you that it took me a year to find him a home because of his breed. I could have saved five other dogs during that time. Five other dogs died because I chose to foster this one. I only chose to foster him because three people said they'd instantly adopt him if I went and picked him up. They all flaked.

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Buddy the dog, pitbull, pit, Los Angeles, California
Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game and the USDA. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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